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January 26, 2022, 12:00 PM

“Give us this day our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11

When I used to think of this line in the Lord’s Prayer, I read it more like, Give me just what I need, the bare minimum, and help me be happy with that. I viewed it more as a challenge to myself to want less or desire fewer things and learn to be content with only the necessities of life. Maybe you have felt that way too, or perhaps I’m the crazy one, but the more I have learned about God and His character, the more He has shifted my view. 

I do not believe God wants us to settle for less and learn to be okay with it. In fact, John 10:10 says, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” God desires for us to have abundantly more than we could ever dream of or imagine. So, how do these two concepts coincide? It is all about dependence. We live in a culture that tells us to take responsibility, work hard, and earn our way to the top. It is a culture that constantly points the finger back at ourselves. Advertisements use lines like, “take control of your life” or “give yourself what you deserve.” In other words, we should have it all but depend on no one. 

The problem is that these are empty lies. We can work as hard as we can and get as high up the ladder as we want, but ultimately, chasing the things of this world will only leave us desiring more. Every longing at its core is a longing for life. Scripture tells us that God is the very essence of life, and therefore, the thing we are ultimately longing for is Him. God created us with an innate desire for Himself, and because of that, we can chase all we want, but we will never find what we are looking for apart from Him.

James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift we receive comes from Him and not from ourselves.” Acknowledgment of our dependence on God is the humble expression that we understand this to be true. When we pray for God to give us our daily bread, we submit to His will and trust that no matter how hard we work or how much we think we deserve, every good and perfect gift in our life is a tangible gift of His provision. This prayer isn’t about what we receive but reorienting our heart to the One who provides. Where do you need to trust in God's provision and that His daily bread is enough?

Prayer: Father God, thank you for this day and thank you for Your provision. I admit that I try to take control of my life and handle things apart from You at times. But, God, I KNOW that You created me, I KNOW that You always provide for me, and I KNOW that You are ultimately the only thing that will fill the desires of my heart. So, God, give me today my daily bread. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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